How to Start the T2000 Client?

To manage networks through the T2000 client graphical user interface, you need to use the T2000 client to log in to the T2000 server.

The T2000 server must be started correctly.

Step 1 On the computer of the T2000 client, double-click the T2000 Client icon on the desktop.

Step 2 Enter User Name and Password, and select Server in the Login dialog box.
For example, enter admin in the User Name field and T2000 in the Password field.
By default, the initial user name is admin, and the password is T2000. To protect the T2000 from illegal login, you need to instantly change this password and keep the new one. The administrator needs to create new T2000 users and assign them to certain authority groups.

Step 3 Optional: Set the server parameters.
1. Click to display the Setting dialog box.
2. Click New to display Setting dialog box.
3. In the Setting dialog box, specify the IP Address, Server Name and Mode.
Enter the IP address of the T2000 server. In the Mode field, Common and SSL are available. When it is set to SSL, the communication between the client and server is encrypted.
The mode of the client must be the same as that of the server. Otherwise, login fails. Choose System > Communication Security Setting from the sysmonitor client of the server, and you can view the communication mode of the server. The Port number does not need to be entered by the user. After the Mode is specified, the system selects a port number automatically.
4. Click OK to complete adding a server.
5. Click OK to complete the server settings.
Step 4 Select Server and click Login to display the Main Topology of the T2000.

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